Please read the terms and conditions below, they will help us to ensure that we have no surprises!

Terms and Conditions


Fees will be agreed before a piece of work is transacted and will depend on a range of factors


Expenses are usually charged for:

 -Travelling (49ppm motor mileage allowance, second class public transport, parking at cost)

 -Overnight subsistence where appropriate (budget accomodation charged at cost)

 -Provision of client specific materials where agreed

In exceptional circumstances expenses may be invoiced separately and early. This will only happen with the agreement of the client



Whilst it is preferable that bookings are made in writing it is not always realistic for this to happen. A verbal agreement, over the phone or face to face, is acceptable in most cases. Any discussion where specific dates are set aside for a client or agent constitutes a booking.

"Cancellation" or "Postponement"

If a client or their agent decides to stop work from being carried out on the dates booked then that constitutes cancellation of the dates. In this instance a sliding scale of charges applies:

~5 working days notice or less: 90% of fee

~10 working days notice or less: 50% of fee

~20 working days notice or less: 25% of fee

Verbal notice is acceptable.   


Invoicing and Payment

Invoices may be submitted on completion of a piece of work. Invoices are due payment within 28 days of submission, invoices not paid within that period may be subject to interest charges under the terms of current legislation. 

Clients may deduct 5% discount from any invoice if payment is made within 14 days of the invoice date

Cancellation fees will be invoiced at cancellation, the above interest or discounts apply 

Remittance should be by BACS or Cheque to Russell Slater. (Bank details for BACS purposes will be provided with or before invoicing)

 All other aspects of client's normal terms and conditions regarding confidentiality and professional conduct will be applied.


For your comfort and safety

Rus's work is covered by both Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance provided by specialist broker Westminster Indemnity:




Russell Slater

23rd Jan  2014