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  Rus is a professional learning and development specialist, business coach and an author, his author bio can be seen at HarperCollins website. 


You can download Rus's CV for authoring here, or for learning and development, here


With over 15 years experience as a line manager, associate and independent consultant he can bring performance improvement to most individuals and teams in most situations and sectors.

 Here are some organisations that Rus has worked for in the past....and present...


 Rus has two overarching principles in terms of his work with clients;

  • it should add value to the organisation and the lives/careers of the individuals involved
  • it should be enjoyable, memorable and worth being away from the "coalface"

....this isn't to say that Rus's work is full of "fun" activities (no farmyard noises, no facepainting and no human monopoly), but that the activities used will be enlightening, challenging and worth remembering.  


Comment from a delegate evaluation Rus made everyone very comfortable at the very beginning.  I don't normally like talking but on this course I contributed actively and surprised myself.  Rus expanded on everyone's comments and idea which really made us feel valued.                                                                     DWP


Rus can work as an independent consultant or as a member of a larger team of in house people on a particular project. He can work simply as an associate, delivering your material expertly.

Alternatively Rus can author materials for you to use locally or globally, under your own copyright.  This provides a high quality resource in a very cost effective way.  In this instance Rus can produce all the documentation and train your own team of trainers to deliver the material.

If necessary Rus can also bring in a team of similar professionals to support you


If we haven't been able to tempt you in the business field have a look at our cakemaking!



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